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The Chinese Medical Apitherapy Center is the first practice in the USA offering this form of Traditional Chinese Medicine ("TCM") in the United States.

A Holistic Approach

The hallmark of TCM is that it addresses the whole of the person and not just a single condition, organ or limb. Treatments in TCM often involve a combination of herbal and other nature based remedies (such as Apitherapy), lifestyle changes (such as exercise) and dietary modifications. Treatments are designed for the individual. In TCM, two people presenting with the same condition could receive different treatment plans developed for each.

Apitherapy Treatments

Apitherapy is the application of bee products, such as wax, venom and pollen for medical purposes. As the oldest continuing society and culture on Earth, the Chinese have been using Apitherapy as part of TCM for thousands of years. This important part of TCM has not been available in the USA until now. Depending on the condition you are seeking to treat, Apitherapy might be used in conjunction with acupuncture, Tai Chi or other herbal medicines. Call today for a consultation.